Vendors and exhibitors add spice to the convention. There will be so many things to learn about, touch, see, feel, and buy! See all the displays, hear the talks and watch the demonstrations. Learn about other organizations, read the bumper stickers and buttons. Look at the displays, listen to tapes, and flip through the books and materials.

At this convention you can easily drop in to see our exhibitors since the Exhibit Hall is less than 25 steps from the business ballroom. Run and buy something from one of the vendors and get back to the business meeting before the end of a vote count. Going out to get your coffee? Walk by dozens of vendors and exhibitors while picking up your coffee at the Starbucks in the center of the Exhibit Hall.

Below is a list of some of our first exhibitors. You will find them scattered throughout the exhibitors' space. Drop by and see them during the Grand Opening of the Exhibit Hall on Thursday, May 22 beginning at 4:30 PM. This event is sponsored by MPP.



"To get the $99 room rate you must tell the hotel you are with the Libertarian National Convention." Regular rates are $249.

1. Atlas! Liberty – providing Libertarians with the resources, money and training to win elections.

2. Atwood & Co. – Frank Atwood, a long time activist, has many exciting ideas and tools to help     activists and candidates.

3. Jingozian, Mike – a presidential candidate who also founded both Angel Vision and
    Reset Ameica.

4. Lassiez Faire Books – a book company for the best selection of books on liberty.

5. MPP – a marijuana policy reform organization working to minimize the harm associated with     marijuana both in the consumption and in the laws intended to prohibit such use.

6. National Libertarian Party – a booth to showcase the National Organization of the
    Libertarian Party with updates, materials, and a place to join the National LP.

7. Outright Libertarians – a group whose mission is to present libertarianism, the Libertrarian Party
    and its Candidates to the GLBTQ community and to monitor the Libertarian Party’s continuing     support for Equal Rights for everyone including the GLBTQ individuals.

8. Phillies, Dr. George – a presidential candidate and long time activist in the Libertarian Party.

9. Quality Press – publisher of Economic Solutions and our official printer for the
    Libertarian National Convention. Send your printing needs to Chuck at Quality Press
    and pick them up at the booth when you arrive.

10. Radical Caucus – a group dedicated to educating LP members about
     the Party’s core principles and history.

11. Reform Caucus – a group dedicated to building a Libertarian Party that represents
     all Libertarians

Remember that space is limited. We have already sold over 20% of the available space. Buy early to get your information in our packets and on the website.


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