What do we come to a convention for, beside the business, of course? It's for the wonderful events! Plan to join us for some of the excellent events lined up this convention. Here is a partial list of things to come!

Brand New - Grand Opening of the Exhibit Hall. This year, we kick off the beginning of the convention with the opening of the events hall. Come see the wonderful displays, hear the speakers, learn about various companies and how they can help your campaign, feel the excitement of the new Exhibit Hall layout, and TASTE the treats sponsored by MPP. This event, a sure winner, starts at 4:30 PM on Thursday, the night before business starts. Open to all convention package holders.

Everyone's Favorite - Opening Reception. As in conventions past, we will have the opening reception. This reception is open to convention attendees from Congressional and Congressional Aide through Presidential package holders. Be sure to get your ticket at check-in because you won't want to miss the food or the entertainment.

Something Different - Exhibit Hall Speakers. With a stage and chairs in the Exhibit Hall, we now have a place for speakers and demonstrators to entertain and educate you. Not only will our vendors and exhibitors have a chance of use the Exhibit Hall stage, we will also bring in some of our most popular speakers. Relax with your Starbucks coffee or tea and listen to a wide range of entertaining speakers.

Something the Same - Breakfast and Lunch Speakers. As in conventions of yore, we will have several breakfasts and lunches with some of the most sought after speakers. For the best value, buy a higher end package.

A Special Plus - Breakout Speakers and Gallery Seats. In the past, there has been little to keep the non-delegate involved. At this convention, we have something for those people who come to learn about the LP, for those who come as a friend of a delegate, and for those who are not interested in some of the floor proceedings. The Congressional Aide package is specifically designed for the non-delegate with a very low price that includes a seat in the gallery and all breakout speakers. A Speaker package will allow delegates to experience all the breakout speakers as well.


"To get the $99 room rate you must tell the hotel you are with the Libertarian National Convention." Regular rates are $249.
  Big Finishes - Parties, Suite Parties. Many people have already expressed the desire to hold a suite party or similar function for the delegates and their friends. Don't miss your chance to meet with your favorite candidate or talk with old friends.

Cherry on Top - Presidential Cocktail Party and Dinner. A big part of the convention is to nominate our next presidential ticket. Don't miss this exclusive affair! This affair is for Presidential package holders but others can join in the excitement by purchasing a ticket Ala Carte. Just remember these tickets will be limited, so get yours early.

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