Speakers, speakers and more speakers! There will be keynote and closing speakers, lunch and breakfast speakers, breakout speakers and more. Some will be fun, some will be intense, some will offer training, some will tell you of things to come but all will be exciting! More speakers will be added as we fill out the schedule. Confirmed speakers include:




Earl Allen – Libertarian activist, Advanced Toastmaster, world traveler.

Doug Anderson – First elected Libertarian in Colorado (1987), current Lakewood, CO city councilman.

Judge Susan Bell – Elected Libertarian Judge in Indiana who swore in other LP office holders.

Michael Cloud - Libertarian campaign manager, fundraiser, author and speaker.

Mike Ferguson – Libertarian activist, campaign manager and office holder.





Anthony Gregory – writer, columnist, and rock musician who works with the Independent Institute and as an advisor for the Future of Freedom Foundation.

David Harsanyi – Denver Post staff editorialist/columnist, talk show guest and author.

Desiree Hickson – Former CO LP Lt. Governor candidate, military wife and serious blogger.

Joe Johnson – Colorado activist and elected Frederick town Trustee Board member.

Dr. Gary Michael – Libertarian speaker and author known by many as the “Talk Doc”.

Reggie Rivers – formal NFL player, columnist, talk show host and sportscaster.


"To get the $99 room rate you must tell the hotel you are with the Libertarian National Convention." Regular rates are $249.

Earl Allen - has spent the last several years working in China. He is an outstanding political activist who promotes the Libertarian philosophy through his elegant speaking ability, and has received the Advanced Toastmaster Bronze award from Toastmasters International.

Councilman Doug Anderson - currently serves on the Lakewood city council, Colorado’s 3rd largest city. He was also the first Libertarian to be elected in Colorado. He served as an Election Commissioner in the late 80's and appeared in one of the very first professional television ads to promote the Libertarian Party. Doug is a past winner of the Ptak award and the Lexington Lifetime Achievement Award.

Judge Susan Bell – elected to the Hagerstown, Indiana town court in 2003, Judge Bell had the pleasure, as an elected Libertarian judge, to give the oath of office to two newly elected libertarians. Her current term runs to 2011.

Ruth Bennett – a long time Libertarian, former Colorado and Washington LP state chair, LNC member, Washington candidate for Governor and activist for women and gay rights.

Dr. Walter Block – a renowned scholar, Chair and Professor of Economics, College of Business at Loyola University, he’ll define libertarianism, libertarian economics and other controversial libertarian issues.

Neal Boortz – was previously scheduled to
speak, but will be unable to attend due
to surgery.

Michael Cloud – Harry Browne campaign manager, fundraiser, motivational speaker, speech writer, master of effective communication, MA U.S Senate candidate in 2002, co-founder of Center For Small Government, author of “Secrets of Libertarian Persuasion” and so much more! Come, see and learn!

Jessica Peak Corry – a Denver-based public policy analyst and political strategist who specializes in civil rights, land use policy and higher education, she was named one of Colorado’s 2007 top political “Movers and Shakers” by the Colorado Statesman. Her innovations and reform efforts have been featured by media across Colorado and around the globe, with highlights included in the Wall Street Journal, the Times of London, MSNBC and Fox News.

Steve Dasbach – is a former LNC Chair, Libertarian Party Executive director and campaign manager.

Jack Dean – Political activist whose focus is the coming U.S. pension crisis.

Martha DeForest – a 2001 Lights of Liberty Award winner, fundraiser, activist, campaign and media manager – she does it all! She and Rowan Wilson will tell you how you can be a fundraiser, too.

Dr. Michael Edelstein – the author of “Three Minute Therapy”, a self-help book, will talk about “How to Avoid Libertarian Feuding and Burnout”.

Mike Ferguson - A long time Libertarian activist who defeated his opponent in a local election with 73 percent of the vote! Running credible campaigns prior to this election helped make this campaign a winning one. A great speaker with an attractive style, his is one of the “must see” talks of the convention.

Dr. Stephen Frye – Author of “Twenty-Five Reasons to Legalize Drugs, We Really Lost This War”, a medical doctor, will tell us why the War on Drugs is all wrong!

Anthony Gregory - is a writer and musician living in Berkeley, California. He earned his bachelor's degree in American history at U.C. Berkeley, where he was president of the Cal Libertarians and wrote his undergraduate thesis on the 1993 Waco, Texas tragedy. He is a research analyst at the Independent Institute's Center on Peace and Liberty (, a policy adviser for the Future of Freedom Foundation (, a columnist for and a bimonthly contributor to the California Libertarian Party's op-ed program, the Libertarian Perspective. When not doing all that, he plays with his rock band, the Melatones(

Bill Groom – Want to hear more about Restorative Justice? Here’s the man to tell you about it!

Sharon Harris - has been President of the Advocates for Self-Government since October of 1995. The Advocates for Self-Government is a nonprofit libertarian educational organization founded in 1985. Sharon was one of the three finalists for the National LP’s “Thomas Paine Award for Outstanding Libertarian Communicator”
– selected by members of the party and presented at the 2000 National Convention.

David Harsanyi – is currently a journalist and sits on the editorial board at the Denver Post. His columns have also appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the Weekly Standard, the National Review and other publications. He has appeared on Fox News, PBS, NPR and dozens of radio talk shows across the country. He is the author of Nanny State, a book about how America is turning into a Nation of Children.

Desiree Hacket Hickson – a former candidate for Lt. Governor began a blog called “I’m a Jus’a Lil’Dizzy –Dizzy Dayz: Keeping Up With Our Spinning World” which became widely read. She now is a featured on “The Sirens Cronicles”, “The Democratic Daily”, and “The Katrinacrat Blog”.

Joe Johnson – was elected on April 6, 2004, coming in first in an eight-way race for three seat on the town board. He won this raced by campaigning as if he were running for the Senate – knocking on doors, making phone calls, raising money. Joe and his wife, Elizabeth, first joined the party in 1999 and attended their first state convention where, because it was so much more than a business meeting, he became excited enough to become a real activist. He ran more than 50 outreach booths and voter registration booths. He dedicated himself to ‘filling the slate’ in 2000 and 2002 before becoming a winning candidate in 3004.

  James Lark - Dr. Lark is a professor in the School of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Virginia. He is the Region 5 representative on the Libertarian National Committee and the national campus coordinator. He served as Libertarian Party chairman during the 2000-2002 term. He is vice chairman of the Libertarian Party of Virginia, and serves as advisor to The Liberty Coalition (University of Virginia). He received the Samuel Adams award (awarded biennially to the most effective LP activist) in 2004. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Advocates for Self-Government and the International Society for Individual Liberty

Willy Star Marshall – Former Mayor of Big Water, Utah.

Dr. Gary Michael - also known as The Talk Doc, became a Libertarian many years ago. Those who attended his speech at the Colorado State Convention had nothing but praise for him. As a speaker and author, this man uses stories, humor and audience involvement to make people stronger leaders and clearer communicators. (A special training session can be set up at the convention, if interest is high)

Dr. Noah McKay – Can conventional medical practices and alternative practices co-exist? Let “Dr. Noah” tell you about his personal experience and his innovative healing.

Mike Munger – graduated from Davidson College in North Carolina in 1980. Prof. Munger received his Ph.D. in Political Economy at Washington University in St. Louis in 1984. Following his graduate training, he worked as a staff economist at the Federal Trade Commission.
His first teaching job was in the Economics Department at Dartmouth College, followed by appointments in the Political Science Department at the University of Texas at Austin (1986-1990) and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (1990-7). He moved to Duke University in 1997, where he now chairs the Political Science Department. He has published four books, and more than 100 articles, on topics in politics and economics. Mike writes articles and records podcasts on ideas and liberty in a variety of venues in his spare time.

Jim Remmert - In the 1980s, Jim served as Deputy Manager of Public Affairs and Associate General Counsel of Exxon. As such, he was responsible for Exxon’s Political Action Committee, its Washington office and the administrative management of these departments. Jim comes to libertarianism with extensive experience interacting with government officials about energy, law and economics. He speaks with personal knowledge about how the federal government has obstructed efforts toward America’s energy independence. Hear how Jim’s worst fears came to fruition during the so-called “Republican revolution” of the 1990s and its hollow promise to liberate the American people from the growth of government power.

Reggie Rivers - a long time friend of the libertarian movement, once again charms us with his wit and stirring commentary. This former NFL running back has proved himself as a sports writer, radio host, and television sports anchor. He has also authored several books and says that his new one “The Colony”, scheduled to be out by the convention, should be of special interest to libertarians. Many of those who have heard him, say he was the best they had ever heard. Very few speeches remain with you for years, but like Barbara Goushaw’s “Welcome Home” speech, Reggie River’s speeches have staying power.

Tony Ryan (“Oh, YOU’RE Bette Rose’s husband!”) A retired Denver Police Lieutenant who sacrificed to protect and serve. In his more than 36 years of continuous service as a Denver police officer, he endured stab wounds, broken bones, a head wound requiring 18 stitches, and a gunshot wound to the chest. Current LNC member and a Board member and speaker for L.E.A.P. (law enforcement professionals seeking to end the War on Drugs), he can tell stories from the streets!

Mark Rutherford – one of the founders of Atlas!Liberty, an organization dedicated to training candidates, campaign managers, and campaign workers. Mark was recently appointed by Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels to the Indiana Public Defender Commission. He is an Indiana attorney who has been involved for more than a decade with the Libertarian Party at both the state and national levels.

Richard Viguerie - pioneered the use of direct mail in politics. He made it possible for candidates and causes to raise money from millions of small contributors rather than from a few “fat cats.” His innovations increased the influence of grassroots Americans and brought countless citizens into the political process for the first time.
Across the political spectrum, there are candidates and organizations that owe their success to the techniques developed by Richard Viguerie. That’s why the late John F. Kennedy Jr.’s political magazine, George, called the founding of Viguerie’s company one of the “defining political moments of the 20th Century.”
A native of Houston, Viguerie first stepped onto the national stage in 1961 as executive secretary (director) of Young Americans for Freedom, the youth group founded by William F. Buckley Jr.
In succeeding years, he helped unite conservatives into a movement that put Ronald Reagan in the White House and changed the course of history. Alexander Cockburn of The Nation magazine recently called Viguerie “one of the creators of the modern conservative movement.” The AFL-CIO News reported that Viguerie “made ‘it all’ possible” for conservatives, and the Washington Post called him “the conservatives’ Voice of America.”
In 1979, Time magazine named him one of 50 future leaders of America, and in 1981, People magazine named him one of the 25 most intriguing

S. Rowan Wilson – A political activist and fundraiser, she shares knowledge to help you be successful doing the same things.
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