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Salutations!   Zorian fans!

The original Zorian music band has been working on our first CD. We are playing out as a Duo, and we have experienced drums and bass musicians lined up for the recording studio.

My name is Zoe Monroe and I'm a guitarist / singer / songwriter and multi-media web artist living and working in Louisville, Colorado U.S.A. Currently, I'm in the process of composing new song material.

I play lead and rhythm guitar along with beautiful lead vocals, with a diversified style and song list of original material and covers.

Check back under show dates to see me play live, send me an e-mail to join my e-mail list with updates of upcoming shows and my first CD release.

Guitar Lessons:  By Zoe Monroe

I provide professional Guitar Lessons, from my Louisville Colorado home.

Student rates are 1/2 hour $20.00, 3/4 hour $25.00 or 1 hour $30.00, 1st Lesson Free!
My approach to Guitar Lessons is a solid base with rhythm, scale positions using theory, ear training and proper technique. Learn the pentatonic / blues, major / minor, scales / modes / tablature and more for a solid base for improvisation, song creation and lead work.

I have learned from the best! If you want to get started the right way, send me a email. I will contact you promptly.

My goal with reasonable rates, is to pass on the skills needed for the next generation to become exceptional musician's. May you find great joy in the creation of music, as I have!

Zoe Monroe, Guitar instructor, songwriter, lead / rhythm guitar and lead vocals. 303-664-0747

I have twenty two years experience playing guitar! I've studied extensively with a Master Guitarist for the past 10 years, also blues instruction by Johnny O. of "The Johnny O. Band", Wildwood music with Tom Carleno of "Perpetual Motion" and I studied with a music studio in PA. My main influence is Eric Johnson.

Zoe Monroe

Zoe Monroe

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